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Briefwechsel 1907-1925

Authors: --- --- ---
ISBN: 9783851326314 Year: Pages: 472 Seiten DOI: 10.26530/oapen_437143 Language: German
Publisher: Turia und Kant Grant: Austrian Science Fund - D 4043
Subject: Social Sciences
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The letters between Sigmund Freud and Karl Abraham constitute one of the most important correspondences of Freud. Karl Abraham was an important and influential early member of Freud's inner circle of trusted colleagues. As such he played a significant part in the establishment of psychoanalysis as a discipline. Regarded by Freud biographer Ernest Jones as one of the best clinical analysts among his contemporaries, he also contributed important elaborations and developments of Freud's theories. In 1965, there appeared a first, censored and incomplete edition of this correspondence. In 2002, a completed edition came out in English translation. The present publication will be the first complete edition of this major correspondence in the original German, All letters, postcards, telegrams, notes, and enclosures that have been preserved and could be found are reprinted without omissions or pseudonyms. Added are both editorial and text-critical footnotes, plus an introduction and an appendix with pertinent additional material. It is now possible to explore first-hand the complex relationship that existed between Freud and his master pupil, and to follow their exchange on theoretical and clinical matters, but also on family members, their various travels, political and historical events, etc., and on their combined and individual relationships with other colleagues, such as C. G. Jung or the members of the so-called Secret Committee around Freud. This substantial and absorbing collection of letters enables the reader to gain valuable insights into these two pioneers of psychoanalysis, into the history of the psychoanalytic movement, and into the development of both Freud's and Abraham's theories. Due to the length of this correspondence (appr. 900 pages in print), this edition will appear in two volumes.

Freud au Collège de France

Authors: ---
ISBN: 9782722604971 DOI: 10.4000/books.cdf.5660 Language: French
Publisher: Collège de France
Subject: History --- Languages and Literatures --- Philosophy --- Social Sciences
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License: OpenEdition Licence for Books

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Qu’en a-t-il été de la réception de Sigmund Freud au Collège de France, « pépinière » de l’innovation scientifique ? C’est la question à laquelle tentent de répondre les auteurs des études rassemblées dans ce volume, en se penchant sur quelques professeurs du Collège de France, dont les enseignements et l’œuvre jalonnent la réception des idées freudiennes en France : Alfred Maury, Pierre Janet, Henri Bergson, Paul Valéry, Marcel Mauss, Émile Benveniste, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Jean-Pierre Vernant, Claude Lévi-Strauss, Michel Foucault. Ces études reprennent des interventions au colloque « Freud au Collège de France, 1885-2015 », qui s’est tenu les 16 et 17 juin 2015 au Collège, et qui a été organisé dans le cadre du programme de recherche « Passage des disciplines », dirigé par Antoine Compagnon, en collaboration avec Céline Surprenant. Ce programme s’intéresse à l’évolution des matières enseignées depuis la fin du xviiie siècle jusqu’aux années 1960 au Collège, en relation avec d’autres grands établissements parisiens, français et internationaux. Freud au Collège de France inaugure la collection « Passage des disciplines », et dans celle-ci, une série de volumes dédiée à la réception au Collège de France, de « fondateurs de discursivité », pour reprendre l’expression de Michel Foucault, dont Darwin (2019), Einstein (2019) et Durkheim (2020).

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