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Chapter 3 The instruments of European heritage (Book chapter)

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ISBN: 9781138589469 9781138589476 Year: Pages: 23 Language: English
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Subject: Social Sciences --- History
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This chapter differs from others in this monograph in its focus on two political
organisations, the EU and the COE, and their top-down
efforts to engage with
issues of heritage and identity. These organisations represent the two most
visible post-1945
political efforts to transform Europe as a region, by promoting
further integration; both are driven by a fluid collective memory of the impact
made by world wars, genocide, economic deprivation and other forms of societal
disruption. By their very nature, both organisations have sought to engage with
the construction and reconstruction of history and identity, both to pursue a
vision of a common Europe and to build a sense of purpose and value in their
organisational efforts to build integration (and therefore justify their existence).
They have selected particular policy instruments, which Hood (1983) defines as
the tools by which actors implement their governance strategies. The core
research question is: how do these two institutions seek to intervene and make
people engage with memories, histories and identities by creating cultural heritage
institutions and instruments?


European heritage --- instruments --- EU --- COE

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