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35 Digital Learning for Developing Asian Countries : Achieving equity, quality and efficiency in education (Book chapter)

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ISBN: 9781138908499 9781315694382 Year: Pages: 15 Language: English
Publisher: Routledge
Subject: Education
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Education – that is, the development of knowledge, skills, and values – is an important meansby which to empower individuals in a society. As both a means towards and an outcome ofgaining the capabilities necessary to participate in and contribute to society, education is anessential enabler in many social aspects, such as economic growth, poverty reduction, publichealth, and sustainable development, especially in today’s knowledge society. At the sametime, however, education can still be a social institution that reflects and reproduces the social,cultural, and economic disadvantages that prevail in the rest of society (Bourdieu & Passeron,1990). For example, students who are discriminated against socio-culturallyor who are economicallypoor are more likely to receive an education that is characterized by inadequate infrastructure,few qualified teachers and encouraging peers, and outmoded pedagogical practices,which often results in a lower quality of life.


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