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Chapter 7 Cellular Control of Time, Size, and Shape in Development and Evolution (Book chapter)

Book Series: Evolutionary Cell Biology ISBN: 9781315155968 9781498787864 Year: Pages: 48 Language: English
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Subject: Biology
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The rules by which anatomical size and shape are generated have intrigued scientists
for centuries. In 1638, Galileo suggested a mathematical relationship between proportional
changes in the shape of bones as animals increase in size, which he argued
was a functional necessity for weight bearing (1914). The formalism of Galileo,
whereby, physical forces and mathematical laws became integrated with studies
of size and shape in biology, was most conspicuously encapsulated over a hundred
years ago in the 1917 monumental tome by D’Arcy Thompson entitled, On Growth
and Form (Thompson 1917). In a breathtakingly comprehensive manner, Thompson
synthesized the observations of numerous predecessors and contemporaries, and
through countless examples built a theoretical and experimental framework for
describing changes in morphology that persists to this day (Stern and Emlen 1999;
Arthur 2006).

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