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9 Digital Samhandling in Education for the Unforeseen Future (Book chapter)

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ISBN: 9788202535025 Year: Pages: 20 DOI: 10.23865/noasp.36.ch9 Language: English
Publisher: Cappelen Damm Akademisk/NOASP (Nordic Open Access Scholarly Publishing)
Subject: Sociology --- Social Sciences
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"This chapter aims to discuss whether digital interaction (samhandling) in
education requires a new pedagogy, which, to a greater extent than before, takes into
account risks and unforeseen events. The major focus is on digital samhandling between
teachers and students. Future education should prepare students for a world
in which samhandling between individuals is predicted to be increasingly digital. At
the same time, teachers currently refrain from using digital tools in order to interact
pedagogically with students. A “mixed methods” survey of 96 randomly-chosen
schoolteachers in primary and secondary schools in Norway shows that the respondents
give various reasons for using Learning Management Systems (LMS) to a greater
extent for administrative purposes than for pedagogical ones. The main obstacle
is that teachers do not know exactly how digital samhandling should be facilitated
educationally and what the consequences may be for the students and education in
general. The conclusion is that the future is unknown, and the unforeseen is partly
learned through teachers’ professional judgment. Therefore, “new” pedagogy need
not necessarily consist of more educational models and theories of “what works.”
Perhaps the “new” pedagogy should be, to a greater extent, based on samhandling
literacy and problem-based learning?"

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