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Interregional Interaction in Ancient Mesoamerica

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ISBN: 9781607328353 9781607328360 Year: DOI: 10.5876/9781607328360 Language: English
Publisher: University Press of Colorado Grant: Knowledge Unlatched - 102339
Subject: Archaeology
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Archaeologists have long recognized the crucial role of interregional interaction in the development and cultural dynamics of ancient societies, particularly in terms of the evolution of sociocultural complexity and economic systems. New Perspectives on Interregional Interaction in Ancient Mesoamerica builds on and amplifies this earlier research to examine such sociocultural phenomena as movement, migration, symbolic exchange, and material interaction in their role as catalysts for variability in cultural systems. The contributors contend that interregional cultural exchange in Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica played a key role in the creation of systems of shared ideologies, the production of regional or “international” artistic and architectural styles, shifting sociopolitical patterns, and changes in cultural practices and meanings.

These Shreds, Guardians of Human Memory: Papyrus and Culture in Late Antiquity : Inaugural Lecture delivered on Thursday 7 January 2016

ISBN: 9782722605008 Year: DOI: 10.4000/books.cdf.5807 Language: English
Publisher: Collège de France
Subject: Languages and Literatures
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License: OpenEdition Licence for Books

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Papyrology, which burgeoned in the nineteenth century after the discovery of thousands of papyri in Egypt, consists in the study of Greek and Latin texts written on a transportable medium (papyrus, clay potsherds, wooden tablets or parchment). While inscriptions and literary sources can render a normative, idealized and sometimes deformed image of individuals, papyri – no matter how fragmented they may be – take us into their daily lives, thus making possible the archaeology of cultural practices. Attempting to decipher “these shreds, guardians of the human memory” – to paraphrase Leonardo de Vinci – is the challenge of the papyrologist, who ceaselessly renews our knowledge of the past.

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