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1 Introduction (Book chapter)

Authors: ---
ISBN: 9780429424649 Year: Pages: 28 Language: English
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Subject: Media and communication
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This volume draws its inspiration from perspectives that have developed over
the last few decades in media anthropology. These include seminal works such as
Bourdieu’s (1993 ) analysis of cultural production, Larkin’s (2008 ) study of the
impact of media technologies on cultural form and Ginsburg’s (1995a , 2002 ) work
on indigenous media. Methodologically, the volume relies heavily on ethnography;
each of the contributions is grounded in qualitative research. Most of the chapters
are based upon data that their authors collected while doing long-term research.
Typically, such research involves building up lasting relationships with one’s interlocutors,
learning about their ideas, attitudes and practices by accompanying them
in everyday life. Taken together, the various contributions explore how media that
is made for audiences deemed indigenous is produced, shared, and viewed or
‘consumed’. The chapters explore the social and political impact of old and new
media technologies and media content in relation to the (re)formulation, contestation
and (re)defi nition of mediatised representations of indigeneity, and how this
bears upon perceptions and conceptualisations of nation in South Asia.


media --- anthropology --- indigeneity --- nation --- South Asia

Annäherungen an das Unaussprechliche

Authors: ---
Book Series: Religionswissenschaft ISBN: 9783839447253 9783837647259 Year: Pages: 272 DOI: 10.14361/9783839447253 Language: German
Publisher: transcript Verlag
Subject: Religion
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Community and individual experiences in the fields of art and religion are often experienced and described as "inexpressible", as immediate and at the same time, as fluctuating and fleeting. They exceed the order of space and time - and yet are conditioned by the concrete ritual dimensions of the performance and execution and the sensual (aesthetic) experience. The interdisciplinary contributions of the volume are dedicated to these experiences and their representations in various media such as Dance, music and film and especially ask about transcultural dimensions. The central example is the interface between Germany and South Asia.

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