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Quality Management and Quality Control - New Trends and Developments

Authors: ---
ISBN: 9781789238778 9781789238785 Year: Pages: 144 DOI: 10.5772/intechopen.77523 Language: English
Publisher: IntechOpen
Subject: Business and Management
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Quality management (QM) practices are the basis for the successful implementation and maintenance of any QM system. Quality control (QC) is identified as a QM component. Therefore, QM effectiveness is dependent on the QC strategy. QC practice is more or less complex depending on the type of production. The book is focused on new trends and developments in QM and QC in several types of industries from a worldwide perspective. Its content has been organized into two sections and seven chapters written by well-recognized researchers worldwide. Several approaches are debated based on sample traceability, analytical method validation, required parameters, class of exponential regression-type estimators of the population means, determination of impurities, viewpoints, and case studies.

Modeling and Simulation of Carbon Emission Related Issues

ISBN: 9783039213115 9783039213122 Year: Pages: 420 DOI: 10.3390/books978-3-03921-312-2 Language: English
Publisher: MDPI - Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute
Subject: Economics
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Carbon emissions reached an all-time high in 2018, when global carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels increased by about 2.7%, after a 1.6% increase in 2017. Thus, we need to pay special attention to carbon emissions and work out possible solutions if we still want to meet the targets of the Paris climate agreement. This Special Issue collects 16 carbon emissions-related papers (including 5 that are carbon tax-related) and 4 energy-related papers using various methods or models, such as the input–output model, decoupling analysis, life cycle impact analysis (LCIA), relational analysis model, generalized Divisia index model (GDIM), forecasting model, three-indicator allocation model, mathematical programming, real options model, multiple linear regression, etc. The research studies come from China, Taiwan, Brazil, Thailand, and United States. These researches involved various industries such as agricultural industry, transportation industry, power industry, tire industry, textile industry, wave energy industry, natural gas industry, and petroleum industry. Although this Special Issue does not fully solve our concerns, it still provides abundant material for implementing energy conservation and carbon emissions reduction. However, there are still many issues regarding the problems caused by global warming that require research.


household consumption --- total carbon emissions --- CLA Model --- influence factor --- STIRPAT model --- carbon emissions --- influencing factors --- decoupling elasticity --- Generalized Divisia Index --- Tapio’s model --- household CO2 emissions (HCEs) --- per capita household CO2 emissions (PHCEs) --- input–output model --- refined oil distribution --- inventory routing problem --- hybrid genetic algorithm --- carbon emissions --- carbon tax --- decoupling analysis --- greenhouse gas emissions --- carbon footprint --- low-carbon agriculture --- causal factors --- CO2 emissions forecasting --- VARIMAX-ECM model --- sustainable development --- economic growth --- population growth --- carbon price fluctuation --- renewable energy --- real options analysis --- investment under uncertainty --- carbon emissions --- carbon tax --- activity-based costing (ABC) --- capacity expansion --- green quality management --- product-mix decision model --- mathematical programming --- long-term --- final energy consumption --- LT-ARIMAXS model --- sustainable development --- economic growth and the environment --- error correction mechanism model --- activity-based costing (ABC) --- mathematical programming --- textile industry --- green manufacturing --- Industry 4.0 --- carbon emissions --- Activity-Based Costing (ABC) --- carbon emissions --- tire industry --- carbon trading --- mathematical programming --- quotas allocation --- carbon emissions --- electric power industry --- fairness --- agricultural-related sectors --- carbon emissions --- carbon tax --- China --- power industry --- carbon emissions --- Generalized Divisia Index --- scenario forecast --- Monte Carlo method --- wave energy converter --- life cycle assessment --- energy intensity --- carbon intensity --- aircraft --- taxi time --- takeoff rate --- pushback control --- green transportation --- carbon emissions --- reducing carbon emissions --- carbon intensity target --- energy structure --- gray model (GM (1, 1)) --- generalized regression neural network (GRNN) --- Markov forecasting model --- non-linear programming --- ethylene supply --- shale gas --- non-energy uses of fossil fuels --- socio-economic scenarios --- climate change --- tea --- climate change --- sustainable agriculture --- environmental impact --- carbon footprint --- CO2 emissions --- HOMER software --- hybrid ship power systems --- Li-ion battery --- shipping --- n/a

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