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8. Felles mentale modeller i elitelagballspill (Book chapter)

Book title: Trender for idrettspsykologisk forskning i Skandinavia

Authors: --- ---
ISBN: 9788202596903 9788202596903 Year: Pages: 24 DOI: 10.23865/noasp.39.ch8 Language: Norwegian
Publisher: Cappelen Damm Akademisk/NOASP (Nordic Open Access Scholarly Publishing)
Subject: Psychology
Added to DOAB on : 2018-07-28 11:01:02
License: Cappelen Damm Akademisk/NOASP (Nordic Open Access Scholarly Publishing)

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"The purpose of this inquiry is to explore team member knowledge among elite players
in team ballgames – theoretically anchored in shared mental models. Team member knowledge
is team specific and not a type of knowledge that players can transport from team to team.
Current research literature has only to a limited extent been concerned about team member
knowledge and the importance of this in team ball games. The following research questions
will therefore be addressed in the present study: How do elite players describe their knowledge
of co-players? How do players experience the knowledge development of co-players?
The inquiry follows an ideographic research design, and the empirical material consists of
interviews with four elite players in football and team handball. The analysis reveals that the
following themes elaborate team member knowledge: Strengths and weaknesses, preferences
and predictions, compensatory behavior and co-players’ value. The players’ experience of the
development of team member knowledge indicates primarily implicit learning trajectories. The findings from the present study support the idea that team member knowledge is an
important feature in handball and soccer elite teams. Coaches and players should therefore
reflect on how this knowledge should be promoted."

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