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Does War Belong in Museums?

Book Series: Edition Museumsakademie Joanneum ISBN: 9783837623062 9783839423066 Year: DOI: 10.26530/oapen_627777 Language: English
Publisher: transcript Verlag Grant: Knowledge Unlatched - 100517
Subject: History
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Presentations of war and violence in museums generally oscillate between the fascination of terror and its instruments and the didactic urge to explain violence and, by analysing it, make it easier to handle and prevent. The museums concerned also have to face up to these basic issues about the social and institutional handling of war and violence. Does war really belong in museums? And if it does, what objectives and means are involved? Can museums avoid trivializing and aestheticising war, transforming violence, injury, death and trauma into tourist sights? What images of shock or identification does one generate – and what images would be desirable?

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