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The Rhaeto-Romance Languages

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Book Series: Romance Linguistics ISBN: 9780203992487 9780415041942 9781138868427 9781134965489 9781134965472 9781134965434 Year: DOI: 10.4324/9780203992487 Language: English
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Subject: Linguistics
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The Rhaeto-Romance languages have been known as such to the linguistic community since the pioneering studies of Ascoli and Gartner over a century ago. There has never been a community of RR speakers based on a common history or polity and the various dialects are mutually unintelligible, but a unity, based on a number of common features, has been advanced. This book is the first general description of the Rhaeto-Romance languages to be written in Eng. It provides a critical examination of the phonology, morphology, lexicon, and syntax of the modern Rhaeto-Romance dialects within the broader perspective of Romance comparative linguistics.


dialects --- ladin --- northern --- italian --- friulian --- inverted --- word --- order --- 3rd --- plural

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