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Aging and Self-Realization

Book Series: Aging Studies ISBN: 9783839444221 9783839444221 Year: Language: English
Publisher: transcript Verlag Grant: Knowledge Unlatched - 101219
Subject: Social Sciences
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Dominant cultural narratives about later life dismiss the value senior citizens hold for society. In her cultural-philosophical critique, Hanne Laceulle outlines counter narratives that acknowledge both potentials and vulnerabilities of later life. She draws on the rich philosophical tradition of thought about self-realization and explores the significance of ethical concepts essential to the process of growing old such as autonomy, authenticity and virtue. These counter narratives aim to support older individuals in their search for a meaningful age identity, while they make society recognize its senior members as valued participants and moral agents of their own lives.

Autonomie und Kalkulation

Book Series: Arbeit und Organisation ISBN: 9783839450789 Year: Pages: 416 DOI: 10.14361/transcript.9783839450789 Language: German
Publisher: transcript Verlag
Subject: Sociology
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