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In the Wake of the Compendia. Infrastructural Contexts and the Licensing of Empiricism in Ancient and Medieval Mesopotamia

ISBN: 9781501502507 9781501510762 9781501502521 Year: Pages: 336 DOI: 10.1515/9781501502507 Language: English
Publisher: De Gruyter Grant: FP7 Ideas: European Research Council
Subject: Religion --- History
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In the Wake of the Compendia examines the composition of technical literature in the ancient Semitic-speaking world. Compendia on astrology, magic, medicine, lexicography, and alchemy were composed in several languages and relate to earlier Mesopotamian models. This volume offers new perspectives on the early history of these compendia and their subsequent transmission into later post-cuneiform compilations, curricula, and scholarly writings.

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