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The Pacific challenge - Development trends in the 21st century

Authors: ---
ISBN: 9783938616109 Year: DOI: 10.17875/gup2005-221 Language: English
Publisher: Universitätsverlag Göttingen
Subject: Geology --- Earth Sciences --- Economics --- History --- Migration --- Languages and Literatures
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The enormous leaps of growth and development experienced by Eastern and Southeast Asian states since the 1960s on account of their astonishing industrial development have led to concerns that a resulting global economic and political shift might favour the »Pacific region« at the expense of the »Atlantic region«. A »Pacific century« was proclaimed, in which it was predicted that Asian-Pacific countries would outpace the traditional leading powers of the West. A more careful look quickly reveals that this view is too simplistic. From the point of view of various disciplines and covering different nations like China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines and Papua New Guinea the authors of this publication pursue the question whether the 21st century can already be labelled the »Pacific Century«. This was also the title of the interdisciplinary series of lectures held at the University of Göttingen/Germany in the winter semester 2003/2004. This series of lectures was jointly organized by the Department of Geography, the University of Göttingen and the Association of Pacific Studies e.V. (APSA). This 10th volume of the publication series »Pazifik Forum« contains contributions by W. Kreisel, M. Taube & Ka-Wai Yiu, M. Waibel, A. Croissant, B. Dahm, H. Schneider, R. Seib and R. Jordan.

1 Introduction (Book chapter)

Authors: ---
ISBN: 9780429424649 Year: Pages: 28 Language: English
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Subject: Media and communication
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This volume draws its inspiration from perspectives that have developed over
the last few decades in media anthropology. These include seminal works such as
Bourdieu’s (1993 ) analysis of cultural production, Larkin’s (2008 ) study of the
impact of media technologies on cultural form and Ginsburg’s (1995a , 2002 ) work
on indigenous media. Methodologically, the volume relies heavily on ethnography;
each of the contributions is grounded in qualitative research. Most of the chapters
are based upon data that their authors collected while doing long-term research.
Typically, such research involves building up lasting relationships with one’s interlocutors,
learning about their ideas, attitudes and practices by accompanying them
in everyday life. Taken together, the various contributions explore how media that
is made for audiences deemed indigenous is produced, shared, and viewed or
‘consumed’. The chapters explore the social and political impact of old and new
media technologies and media content in relation to the (re)formulation, contestation
and (re)defi nition of mediatised representations of indigeneity, and how this
bears upon perceptions and conceptualisations of nation in South Asia.


media --- anthropology --- indigeneity --- nation --- South Asia

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