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Foundations of Trusted Autonomy

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Book Series: Studies in Systems, Decision and Control ISSN: 2198-4182 ISBN: 9783319648156 9783319648163 Year: Pages: 395 DOI: Language: English
Publisher: Springer Nature Grant: Defence Science and Technology Group, Department of Defence, Australia
Subject: Computer Science
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This book establishes the foundations needed to realize the ultimate goals for artificial intelligence, such as autonomy and trustworthiness.Aimed at scientists, researchers, technologists, practitioners, and students, it brings together contributions offering the basics, the challenges and the state-of-the-art on trusted autonomous systems in a single volume.The book is structured in three parts, with chapters written by eminent researchers and outstanding practitioners and users in the field. The first part covers foundational artificial intelligence technologies, while the second part covers philosophical, practical and technological perspectives on trust. Lastly, the third part presents advanced topics necessary to create future trusted autonomous systems.The book augments theory with real-world applications including cybersecurity, defence and space.

Thinking in Action

Authors: ---
Book Series: Hellenic-Serbian Philosophical Dialogue Series ISSN: 2623-3568 / 2623-3576 ISBN: 9786188372900 9786188372917 Year: Volume: 1 Pages: 138 DOI: Language: English
Publisher: NKUA Applied Philosophy Research Lab Press
Subject: Philosophy
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Action can only be spontaneous and impulsive if not guided by contemplation; contemplation, on the other hand, may only be luxurious playfulness if not either purposed - or suitable - to motivate action. This volume seeks to prove what may seem self-evident to common sense, but adhering to common sense is never pointless nor excessive. Next to this, Thinking in Action is the offspring of friendship, respect and commitment between two academic communities, the Hellenic and the Serbian philosophical communities, that admittedly have a lot in common, especially with regard to philosophy, and hopefully as many differences as needed in order to secure a long-lasting and fertile exchange of ideas; it is also the natural-born child of necessity: philosophy is about argumentation, debate and confrontation. Thinking in Action inaugurates Hellenic-Serbian Philosophical Dialogue Series that entertains no hesitation in being as ambitious as any philosophical series could be: it seeks to establish a permanent, wide and rich channel of fruitful philosophical interaction between the two philosophical communities. Having high aspirations is one thing; meeting these aspirations as well as the expectations of the reader is a totally different one. We wish Thinking in Action, the first volume of the Hellenic-Serbian Philosophical Dialogue Series, apart from being the initial step of a long journey, will also be a fascinating one to the reader.

Autonomie und Kalkulation

Book Series: Arbeit und Organisation ISBN: 9783839450789 Year: Pages: 416 DOI: 10.14361/transcript.9783839450789 Language: German
Publisher: transcript Verlag
Subject: Sociology
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