DOAB-Directory of Open Access Books New added books during the last 30 days monthly 1 Foundations of Paleoparasitology Hybrid Advanced Optimization Methods with Evolutionary Computation Techniques in Energy Forecasting Sustainable Smart Cities and Smart Villages Research Magnetic Materials Based Biosensors Hybrid Advanced Techniques for Forecasting in Energy Sector XoveTIC 2018 Hanging on to the Edges: Essays on Science, Society and the Academic Life The Juggler of Notre Dame and the Medievalizing of Modernity. Volume 4: Picture That: Making a Show of the Jongleur The State, Business and Education: Public-Private Partnerships Revisited Titanium Alloys 2017 Advances in Plastic Forming of Metals Functional Materials Based on Metal Hydrides Sponge Cities: Emerging Approaches, Challenges and Opportunities Resilience and Sustainability of the Mississippi River Delta as a Coupled Natural-Human System State-of-the-Art Materials Science in Belgium 2017 Nano/Micro-Assisted Regenerative Medicine Emerging Technologies for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Einswerden von Schaffen und Nachschaffen. Adolf Busch in Zürich. Cagliostros Geheimrezepte. Magistralformeln aus dem Ancien Régime Informació alimentària: qüestions ètiques, jurídiques i polítiques Gestación por sustitución: ni maternidad subrogada ni alquiler de vientres ADN forense: problemas éticos y jurídicos Declaración Universal sobre Bioética y Derechos Humanos de la Unesco y la discapacidad MicroRNAs: Novel Biomarkers and Therapeutic Targets for Human Cancers Morir en libertad Current Strategies for the Biochemical Diagnosis and Monitoring of Mitochondrial Disease La confidencialitat en l'assistència sanitària: del secret mèdic a la història clínica compartida a Catalunya Desapariciones forzadas de niños en Europa y Latinoamérica: del convenio de la ONU a las búsquedas a través del ADN De la solidaridad al mercado: el cuerpo humano y el comercio biotecnológico El origen de la bioética como problema Declaració sobre ètica i integritat en la docència universitària The Organizational Aspects of Corporate and Organizational Crime Agente Comunitário de Saúde : o ser, o saber, o fazer Profissões de saúde : uma abordagem sociológica Prisões numa abordagem interdisciplinar Mídias sociais : saberes e representações Capoeira Regional : a escola de Mestre Bimba O nervo cala, o nervo fala : a linguagem da doença Urban Inequality Beyond Foucault: Excursions in Political Genealogy ZnO and TiO2 Based Nanostructures AML in the Molecular Age: From Biology to Clinical Management Fe Deficiency, Dietary Bioavailability and Absorption Understanding and Managing Emerald Ash Borer Impacts on Ash Forests Neutrosophic Multi-Criteria Decision Making Mechanical Behavior of High-Strength Low-Alloy Steels Grain-based Foods: Processing, Properties, and Heath Attributes Fungal Endophytes in Plants Applications of Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers Wetlands for the Treatment of Agricultural Drainage Water Stimuli-Responsive Gels Dietary Antioxidants and Prevention of Non-Communicable Diseases Writing Alberta: Building on a Literary Identity Water Rites: Reimagining Water in the West The Road to Armageddon: Paraguay Versus the Triple Alliance, 1866-70 The Paraguayan War: Causes and Early Conduct, 2nd Edition Flowers in the Wall: Truth and Reconciliation in Timor-Leste, Indonesia, and Melanesia China's Arctic Ambitions and What They Mean for Canada No Straight Lines: Local Leadership and the Path from Government to Governance in Small Cities Marine Propulsors Electrochemically Engineering of Nanoporous Materials Claiming spaces for acts of citizenship: recent experiences of activists in Morocco Forest Soil Respiration under Climate Changing Acupuncture – Basic Research and Clinical Application Advances in Hydro-Meteorological Monitoring Nutraceuticals and the Skin: Roles in Health and Disease Estudios sobre la Universidad de Lérida (1561-1717) Advances in Organic Conductors and Superconductors Competences for Pharmacy Education and Practice in Europe Host-Guest Polymer Complexes Flow and Heat or Mass Transfer in the Chemical Process Industry Image Processing in Agriculture and Forestry With and Without Galton: Vasilii Florinskii and the Fate of Eugenics in Russia Manufacturing, Characterisation and Prop erties of Advanced Nanocomposites Nanomaterials in Liquid Crystals Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics of Small Systems Special Issue of Sustainable Asia Conference 2014 Sustainable Governance in Northeast Asia: Challenges for Innovation Frontier Remote Sensing and Geospatial Technologies in Public Health Socio-Cognitive and Affective Computing Scientific and Engineering Progress on Aluminum-Based Light-Weight Materials: Research Reports from the German Collaborative Research Center 692 Sustainable Territorial Management Human Polyomaviruses and Papillomaviruses Ultrafast Ultrasound Imaging