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Implementing open access mandates in Europe - OpenAIRE study on the development of open access repository communities in Europe

Authors: ---
ISBN: 9783863950958 Year: Pages: 179 Language: German
Publisher: Universitätsverlag Göttingen
Subject: Computer Science --- Information theory --- Bibliography
Added to DOAB on : 2013-02-01 21:41:26

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The implementation of open access policies in Europe is a socio-technical undertaking whereby a wide range of stakeholders work together to bring out the benefits of open access for European and global research. This work provides a unique overview of national awareness of open access in 32 European countries involving all EU member states and in addition, Norway, Iceland, Croatia, Switzerland and Turkey. It describes funder and institutional open access mandates in Europe and national strategies to introduce and implement them. An overview of the current European repository infrastructures is given, including institutional and disciplinary repositories, national repository networks, information portals and support networks. This work also outlines OpenAIREplus, a continuation project which aims to widen the scope of OpenAIRE by connecting publications to contextual information, such as research data and funding information. Opportunities for collaboration in order to achieve European and global synergies are also highlighted. The OpenAIRE project, a joint collaboration among 38 partners from 27 European countries, has built up a network of open repositories providing free online access to knowledge produced by researchers receiving grants from the European Commission or the European Research Council. It provides support structures for researchers, operates an electronic infrastructure and a portal to access all user-level services and works with several subject communities. Birgit Schmidt is affi liated with Goettingen State and University Library. Iryna Kuchma is affi liated with EIFL.

Ebooks in education

ISBN: 9781909188372 9781909188389 9781909188396 9781909188402 Year: Pages: 137 DOI: 10.5334/bal Language: English
Publisher: Ubiquity Press
Subject: Education
Added to DOAB on : 2015-01-16 13:48:24

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Ebooks are coming of age in education, as this exciting collection commissioned by Jisc demonstrates. Case studies, reflecting ebook success stories across the higher and further education sectors, include: 
 - An innovative app to encourage ebook take-up in a Welsh college. 
 - A partnership between a library and research centre to create open access monographs and midigraphs. 
 - Several examples of creative negotiations with ebook publishers.
Insight chapters address hot topics in the ebook universe, including: 
 - The changing world of access to scholarly digital content in the mobile environment. 
 - The challenges faced by the library as online distance learning moves from margin to mainstream. 
 - How ebooks have the potential to meet a wide range of accessibility needs. 
 - Experimentation with ebooks as a shared service.
This collection will provide inspiration and guidance to institutions as they develop projects and services to support students and researchers and will be of interest to library practitioners, publishers, ebook vendors, information professionals, teachers, lecturers and students. 
Jisc, in collaboration with Ubiquity Press, is pleased to be making this publication available open access on a CC-BY licence. 


vision --- education --- ebooks

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