New functionalities for DOAB and OAPEN Library: Selective Export and KBART format

Tom Mosterd

Thu 25 Nov 2021

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New export format: KBART 

This month we have introduced a new metadata format: KBART. Adding the KBART export format to both DOAB and the OAPEN Library has been requested by the library community and offers another option for exporting our metadata and seamlessly connecting to the metadata and to open access books. The KBART export format is now available alongside the other metadata feeds on the OAPEN and DOAB websites.

Selective Export 

In addition to the KBART format we have introduced a ‘selective export’ functionality for the Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB) & the OAPEN Library. This enables users of both platforms to export books and chapters in a flexible way: first by selecting the relevant titles and secondly by choosing the export format. 

The selective export functionality makes it easier for specialist libraries, subject repositories and frequent users to only retrieve specified subsets of open access books according to their preferences. Please be aware that this export function is optimised for sets up to 500 titles. 

How to use the Selective Export

Step 1: Search for books

Step 2: If needed, you can refine the export even further

Step 3: Select the export format

Step 4: The metadata becomes directly available 

If you have questions about these new functionalities or wish to share feedback, please contact Ronald Snijder (r.snijder[@]