DOAB-Directory of Open Access Books New added books during the last 30 days monthly 1 The Dutch National Research Agenda in Perspective Living Wages Around the World Animal Metropolis: Histories of Human-Animal Relations in Urban Canada Behaviour, Development and Evolution Sustainable Development in the Jordan Valley: Final Report of the Regional NGO Master Plan Altern im Wandel: Zwei Jahrzehnte Deutscher Alterssurvey (DEAS) Instructional Scaffolding in STEM Education: Strategies and Efficacy Evidence Klimawandel in Deutschland: Entwicklung, Folgen, Risiken und Perspektiven Teacher Quality, Instructional Quality and Student Outcomes: Relationships Across Countries, Cohorts and Time Digitalisierung: Bildung | Technik | Innovation Early Geometrical Thinking in the Environment of Patterns, Mosaics and Isometries Autonomous Driving: Technical, Legal and Social Aspects Physiology, Psychoacoustics and Cognition in Normal and Impaired Hearing A History of Radionuclide Studies in the UK: 50th Anniversary of the British Nuclear Medicine Society Berry Antioxidants in Health and Disease ydrides: Fundamentals and Applications Acoustic and Elastic Waves: Recent Trends in Science and Engineering Potential Neuromodulatory Profile of Phytocompounds in Brain Disorders Rare Earth and Actinide Complexes Dinâmicas atuais do trabalho na Paraíba: leituras sociológicas Teorias e práticas em tecnologias educacionais Australia goes to Washington: 75 years of Australian representation in the United States, 1940–2015 Touring Pacific Cultures Gender Violence & Human Rights: Seeking Justice in Fiji, Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu An Archaeology of Early Christianity in Vanuatu (Terra Australis 44): Kastom and Religious Change on Tanna and Erromango, 1839–1920 Muuttuvat suomalaiset äänimaisemat Harnessing the Bohemian: Artists as innovation partners in rural and remote communities Indigenous Data Sovereignty: Toward an agenda The personality cult of Stalin in Soviet posters, 1929–1953: Archetypes, inventions and fabrications Bridging Australia and Japan: Volume 1. The writings of David Sissons, historian and political scientist Taste | Power | Tradition - Geographical Indications as Cultural Property Family Experiments: Middle-class, professional families in Australia and New Zealand c. 1880–1920 Wallenstein: A Dramatic Poem Multi-Color Laser Emission for the Generation of Ultrashort Optical Pulse Calibration/Validation of Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometers and Applications Payment and philanthropy in British healthcare, 1918–48 The Troika of Adult Learners, Lifelong Learning, and Mathematics Messung von Ressourceneffizienz mit der ESSENZ-Methode: Integrierte Methode zur ganzheitlichen Bewertung Protocols for Pre-Field Screening of Mutants for Salt Tolerance in Rice, Wheat and Barley Computing Characterizations of Drugs for Ion Channels and Receptors Using Markov Models Surveying Human Vulnerabilities across the Life Course Food Price Volatility and Its Implications for Food Security and Policy Semiotics in Mathematics Education Demystifying Climate Models: A Users Guide to Earth System Models Current and Future Perspectives of Ethnomathematics as a Program Social and Political Dimensions of Mathematics Education: Current Thinking Environmental Governance of the Baltic Sea Biodiversity Conservation and Phylogenetic Systematics: Preserving our evolutionary heritage in an extinction crisis The concept and measurement of violence against women and men Secondary Analysis of Electronic Health Records The Plight of Older Workers: Labor Market Experience after Plant Closure in the Swiss Manufacturing Sector The Cellular Automaton Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics North Sea Region Climate Change Assessment Weißbuch Gelenkersatz: Versorgungssituation bei endoprothetischen Hüft- und Knieoperationen in Deutschland MARE-WINT: New Materials and Reliability in Offshore Wind Turbine Technology Steuergeldwäscherei in Bezug auf direkte Steuern Der Schutz der öffentlichen Ordnung und Sicherheit im Rahmen der internationalen Schutzgewährung Shakespeare im Spiegelkabinett - Zur produktiven Vielfalt seiner Rezeption Religion, Migration and Identity Counteracting Urban Heat Island Effects in a Global Climate Change Scenario Teaching and Learning About Whole Numbers in Primary School Balanced Urban Development: Options and Strategies for Liveable Cities Methods for Measuring Greenhouse Gas Balances and Evaluating Mitigation Options in Smallholder Agriculture Oral health of Australian children: The National Child Oral Health Study 2012–14 Evidence-Based Health Informatics - Promoting Safety and Efficiency through Scientific Methods and Ethical Policy 3D Printing with Biomaterials - Towards a Sustainable and Circular Economy Music Learning with Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) CleanEra – A Collection of Research Projects for Sustainable Aviation Applications of Secure Multiparty Computation Public Administration in an Information Age - A Handbook A Friendly Rest Room: Developing Toilets of the Future for Disabled and Elderly People A Century of Science Publishing - A Collection of Essays Physics before and after Einstein A Unifying Theory of Evolution Generated by Means of Information Modelling Bodies that bleed An Anthropology of Landscape Danish Reactions to German Occupation Urban Europe. Fifty Tales of the City Guide to Sources of Texas Criminal Justice Statistics Charreada Juneteenth Texas: Essays in African-American Folklore Folklore in Motion: Texas Travel Lore Folklore: In All of Us, In All We Do Inside the Classroom and Out Both Sides of the Border Saving the Big Thicket The Family Saga: A Collection of Texas Family Legends Roadside Crosses in Contemporary Memorial Culture Star of Destiny 2001 A Folklore Odyssey German Pioneers on the American Frontier Gideon Lincecum's Sword Voyage to North America, 1844-45 Texas Folklore Society: 1971-2000, Vol. III. Texas Folk Songs LH7 Ranch in Houston's Shadow Golden Log Healer of Los Olmos and Other Mexican Lore Singers and Storytellers Sonovagun Stew Texas and Southwestern Lore T for Texas: A State Full of Folklore Some Still Do: Essays on Texas Customs Folklore of Texan Cultures Observations & Reflections on Texas Folklore From Hell to Breakfast Straight Texas Puro Mexicano Happy Hunting Ground Legends of Texas Built in Texas Hunters & Healers: Folklore Types & Topics Mexican Border Ballads and Other Lore Texian Stomping Grounds Coyote Wisdom Follow de Drinkin' Gou 'd Features and Fillers: Texas Journalists on Texas Folklore My Remembers Tire Shrinker to Dragster Paisanos: A Folklore Miscellany What's Going On? (In Modern Texas Folklore) Diamond Bessie & The Shepherds Texas Folk Medicine, 1,333 Cures, Remedies, Preventives, & Health Practices Best of Texas Folk and Folklore Aunt Puss & Others, Old Days in the Piney Woods Hecho en Tejas Texas Toys and Games Between the Cracks of History: Essays on Teaching and Illustrating Folklore Surrounded by Dangers of all Kinds Roy Bedichek Family Letters In the Line of Duty Fresh Ink Book Lover in Texas From Slave to Statesman Texas Folklore Society: 1943-1971, Vol. II. Legendary Ladies of Texas Singin' Texas El Rancho in South Texas Corners of Texas Texas Folklore Society: 1909-1943, Vol. I. WPA DALLAS GUIDE AND HISTORY 1941: Texas Goes to War Bounty of Texas Hoein' the Short Rows Folk Art in Texas In the Shadow of History Rainbow in the Morning Analytical Index to Publications of the Texas Folklore Society, Volumes 1-36 Man, Bird and Beast Round the Levee Sunny Slopes of Long Ago Mustangs and Cow Horses Tone the Bell Easy Spur-of-the-Cock Southwestern Lore Coffee in the Gourd Mesquite and Willow Madstones and Twisters Good Tale and a Bonnie Tune Folk Travelers, Ballads, Tales, and Talk And Horns on the Toads Backwoods to Border The Sky is My Tipi Gib Morgan, Minstrel of the Oil Fields Immunogenic Cell Death in Cancer: From Benchside Research to Bedside Vitenskapelig (u)redelighet Royal tourists, colonial subjects and the making of a British world, 1860–1911 Teaching and Learning Mathematical Modelling: Approaches and Developments from German Speaking Countries International Comparative Studies in Mathematics: Lessons for Improving Students’ Learning Understanding Atrocities: Remembering, Representing and Teaching Genocide The Documentary Art of Filmmaker Michael Rubbo A Philosophy of Israel Education: A Relational Approach Reconsidering Constitutional Formation I National Sovereignty: A Comparative Analysis of the Juridification by Constitution Implementation of EU Readmission Agreements: Identity Determination Dilemmas and the Blurring of Rights Advances in Discrete Differential Geometry Theories in and of Mathematics Education Integrated Groundwater Management Gesundheitsversorgung am Lebensende Programming for Computations - MATLAB/Octave Early Childhood Policies and Systems in Eight Countries IEA International Civic and Citizenship Education Study 2016 Assessment Framework Design Science and Its Importance in the German Mathematics Educational Discussion History of Mathematics Teaching and Learning Programming for Computations - Python: A Gentle Introduction to Numerical Simulations with Python New Horizons for Asian Museums and Museology Interdisciplinary Mathematics Education IUTAM: A Short History Bayesian Methods in the Search for MH370 Dynamics of Sensorimotor Interactions in Embodied Cognition Modularity in motor control: from muscle synergies to cognitive action representation How Salmonella infection can inform on mechanisms of immune function and homeostasis Hierarchical Object Representations in the Visual Cortex and Computer Vision Facing the Other: Novel Theories and Methods in Face Perception Research Systems biology and ecology of microbial mat communities Branching and Rooting Out with a CT Scanner: The Why, the How, and the Outcomes, Present and Possibly Future Putting the "why" back into bone "archytecture" Institutional determinants of social inequality Dynamic systems theory and embodiment in psychotherapy research. A new look at process and outcome ICT for assessment and rehabilitation in Alzheimer's disease and related disorders Cardiovascular Toxicities of Breast Cancer Treatment: Emerging Issues in Cardio-Oncology Epigenetics of B Cells and Antibody Responses Banking for a Better World Rival Kurdish Movements in Turkey. Transforming Ethnic Conflict The Animal Rights Struggle The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) : Cooperative governance for network innovation, standards, and community Toward a Sustainable Agriculture: Farming Practices and Water Use Early Algebra: Research into its Nature, its Learning, its Teaching Assessment in Mathematics Education: Large-Scale Assessment and Classroom Assessment Transitions in Mathematics Education Research on Teaching and Learning Mathematics at the Tertiary Level:State-of-the-art and Looking Ahead Problem Solving in Mathematics Education Etiology and Morphogenesis of Congenital Heart Disease: From Gene Function and Cellular Interaction to Morphology Stable Isotopes to Trace Migratory Birds and to Identify Harmful Diseases: An Introductory Guide Established and Outsiders at the Same Time - Self-Images and We-Images of Palestinians in the West Bank and in Israel Psychometric Framework for Modeling Parental Involvement and Reading Literacy Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Nuclear Risks Radiological Issues for Fukushima’s Revitalized Future Taking Stock of Industrial Ecology Enabling Asia to Stabilise the Climate Stochastics of Environmental and Financial Economics Network neutrality: From policy to law to regulation Jus Post Bellum: Mapping the Normative Foundations Measuring Poverty and Wellbeing in Developing Countries The Politics of Inclusive Development: Interrogating the Evidence Perspectives on European Earthquake Engineering and Seismology: Volume 2 Vascular Plants of Alberta, Part 1: Ferns, Fern Allies, Gymnosperms, and Monocots Das Recht der freien Meinungsäußerung. Der Begriff des Gesetzes in der Reichsverfassung. Verhandlungen der Tagung der Vereinigung der Deutschen Staatsrechtslehrer zu München am 24. und 25. März 1927 Artikel 12 GG - Freiheit des Berufs und Grundrecht der Arbeit. Der Verwaltungsvorbehalt. Berichte und Diskussionen auf der Tagung der Vereinigung der Deutschen Staatsrechtslehrer in Göttingen vom 3. bis 6. Oktober 1984 Liberalismus. Zur historischen Semantik eines europäischen Deutungsmusters Kommunikation und Kontrolle. Gerüchte und städtische Öffentlichkeiten in Berlin und London 1914/1918 Menschenrechte im Schatten kolonialer Gewalt. Die Dekolonisierungskriege in Kenia und Algerien 1945-1962 Öffentliche Geheimnisse. Skandale, Politik und Medien in Deutschland und Großbritannien 1880-1914 Sprachpolitik im Britischen Empire. Herrschaftssprache und Integration in Ceylon und den Föderierten Malaiischen Staaten Grenzen der Freizügigkeit. Migrationskontrolle in Großbritannien und Deutschland, 1880-1930 Zwischen Empire und Kontinent. Britische Außenpolitik vor dem Ersten Weltkrieg Die Verfassungsgerichtsbarkeit im Gefüge der Staatsfunktionen. Besteuerung und Eigentum. Berichte und Diskussionen auf der Tagung der Vereinigung der Deutschen Staatsrechtslehrer zu Innsbruck vom 1. bis 4. Oktober 1980 Die Bedeutung gliedstaatlichen Verfassungsrechts in der Gegenwart. Die Einheit der Verwaltung als Rechtsproblem. Berichte und Diskussionen auf der Tagung der Vereinigung der Deutschen Staatsrechtslehrer in Passau vom 7. bis 10. Oktober 1987 Bürgerverantwortung im demokratischen Verfassungsstaat / Kontrolle der Verwaltung durch Rechnungshöfe. Berichte und Diskussionen auf der Tagung der Vereinigung der Deutschen Staatsrechtslehrer in Wien vom 4. bis 7. Oktober 1995 Macht der Schrift. Politischer Biblizismus in Schottland und England zwischen Reformation und Bürgerkrieg (1534-1642) Das Andere der Monarchie. La Rochelle und die Idee der "monarchie absolue" in Frankreich, 1568-1630 Zwischen Paris und Moskau. Kommunistische Vorstadtidentität und lokale Erinnerungskultur in Ivry-sur-Seine Agricultural and Forestry Reconstruction After the Great East Japan Earthquake Proceedings of the International Conference on Social Modeling and Simulation, plus Econophysics Colloquium 2014 Nils Petter Gleditsch: Pioneer in the Analysis of War and Peace Language and World. Part Two. Signs, Minds and Actions Image and Imaging in Philosophy, Science and the Arts. Volume 2. Proceedings of the 33rd International Ludwig Wittgenstein-Symposium in Kirchberg, 2010 "Der französischen Sprache mächtig". Kommunikation im Spannungsfeld von Sprachen und Kulturen im Königreich Westphalen 1807-1813 Deutschland, Russland, Komintern. I. Überblicke, Analysen, Diskussionen. Neue Perspektiven auf die Geschichte der KPD und die deutsch-russischen Beziehungen (1918–1943) Der Munizipalsozialismus in Europa /Le socialisme municipal en Europe Burgund und das Reich. Spätmittelalterliche Außenpolitik am Beispiel der Regierung Karls des Kühnen (1465-1477) Zukunftsgestaltung durch Öffentliches Recht. Referate und Diskussionen auf der Tagung der Vereinigung der Deutschen Staatsrechtslehrer in Greifswald vom 2. bis 5. Oktober 2013 Global Commons im 20. Jahrhundert. Entwürfe für eine globale Welt Der deutsche Staat im Jahre 1945 und seither. Die Berufsbeamten und die Staatskrisen Die Gleichheit vor dem Gesetz im Sinne des Art. 109 der Reichsverfassung. Der Einfluß des Steuerrechts auf die Begriffsbildung des öffentlichen Rechts. Verhandlungen der Tagung der Vereinigung der Deutschen Staatsrechtslehrer zu Münster i. W. am 29. und 30. März 1926 Classical Approaches to the Study of Religion. Aims, Methods and Theories of Research. Volume 2: Bibliography Abgrund Metz. Kriegserfahrung, Belagerungsalltag und nationale Erziehung im Schatten einer Festung 1870/71 Ein Sklavenball. Pompeji Mobility and Biography The Philosophical Salon: Speculations, Reflections, Interventions Der Élysée-Vertrag und die deutsch-französischen Beziehungen 1945 - 1963 - 2003 Das Siebenstromland zwischen Bronze- und Früheisenzeit. Eine Regionalstudie Variation und Wandel. Zur Konkurrenz morphologischer und syntaktischer A+N-Verbindungen im Deutschen und Niederländischen seit 1700 The Writing System of Scribe Zhou. Evidence from Late Pre-imperial Chinese Manuscripts and Inscriptions (5th-3rd Centuries BCE) Das Berliner TransitionsProgramm. Sektorübergreifendes Strukturprogramm zur Transition in die Erwachsenenmedizin Variation im europäischen Kontrast. Untersuchungen zum Satzanfang im Deutschen, Französischen, Norwegischen, Polnischen und Ungarischen Die Jugend des Dionysos. Die Ampelos-Episode in den "Dionysiaka" des Nonnos von Panopolis Variance in Arabic Manuscripts. Arabic Didactic Poems from the Eleventh to the Seventeenth Centuries - Analysis of Textual Variance and Its Control in the Manuscripts Metatexte. Erzählungen von schrifttragenden Artefakten in der alttestamentlichen und mittelalterlichen Literatur Tracing Manuscripts in Time and Space through Paratexts Germanistik in Wien. Das Seminar für Deutsche Philologie und seine Privatdozentinnen (1897–1933) Genre und Gemeinsinn. Hollywood zwischen Krieg und Demokratie Katechismus-Andachten (1656). Kritische Ausgabe und Kommentar. Kritische Edition des Notentextes Materiality of Writing in Early Mesopotamia Of Gods and Books. Ritual and Knowledge Transmission in the Manuscript Cultures of Premodern India One-Volume Libraries: Composite and Multiple-Text Manuscripts Yearbook of the Maimonides Centre for Advanced Studies 2016 Wissenschaftliches Publizieren. Zwischen Digitalisierung, Leistungsmessung, Ökonomisierung und medialer Beobachtung Material Culture in Modern Diplomacy from the 15th to the 20th Century Affektpoetiken des New Hollywood. Suspense, Paranoia und Melancholie Audiovisuelle Rhythmen. Filmmusik, Bewegungskomposition und die dynamische Affizierung des Zuschauers Auslegung und Hermeneutik der Bibel in der Reformationszeit La tua vita Tra cielo e mare Dynamics of Religion. Past and Present. Proceedings of the XXI World Congress of the International Association for the History of Religions Per una storia romanza del rhytmus caudatus continens The Poetry of Hanshan (Cold Mountain), Shide, and Fenggan Perché gli altri dimenticano Life Cycle Management Synchronized Factories Empirical Research in Statistics Education Scaling of Differential Equations Uses of Technology in Lower Secondary Mathematics Education: A Concise Topical Survey Teaching and Learning of Calculus Attitudes, Beliefs, Motivation and Identity in Mathematics Education: An Overview of the Field and Future Directions Research On and Activities For Mathematically Gifted Students Finite Difference Computing with Exponential Decay Models Weißbuch Multiple Sklerose: Versorgungssituation in Deutschland The Challenge of Chance: A Multidisciplinary Approach from Science and the Humanities